“I would characterize this training as an absolute MUST for every yoga teacher or better yet yoga lover! The teacher is a definite plus, and Lively Yoga studio completes the whole experience.”
“It’s like those overly excited souls on TV Shops that keep claiming product x has changed their lives, and no one actually believes them. Right, I feel highly connected to those people right now.

For a long long time I have been searching for a course that was meant for me, that would give my life direction again and point towards new (professional) destinations. Rings a bell? Stop searching and do as I did.

Studio Stil informed me about the new collaboration with the inspiring Marieke Vliegen. I signed up for a Yin Yoga Teacher Training (100hrs), without knowing that I had just granted myself the greatest gift possible.

A group of like-minded people, endless respect for my body, it’s limits, but also admiration for its possibilities. A Yoga Teacher Training is so much more than just learning new poses, it means being confronted with yourself, facing your insecurities, growing and gaining more self-confidence. This is only possible in a trusted environment (Studio Stil feels like coming home), surrounded and supported by the sweetest, best and most inspiring Marieke and my fellow yinsters.”

“At the beginning of this year I followed a Yin Yoga Teacher Training and I haven’t regretted it for a second. Studio Stil is a calming and cosy studio that’ll make you feel at home at once. Marieke Vliegen has a true ‘yin’ vibe and is very inspiring. A perfect balance between theory and practice, fascinating insights in Chinese medicine and anatomy, deepening practice, preparatory homework, lots of ‘Zen’ moments and the occasional touch of humor alternated effortlessly. I eagerly looked forward to the training weekends, they were often intense but hugely valuable. It was an internal journey that confronted me with myself and allowed me to grow. Furthermore there was always time and trust to share with fellow yoga teachers to be, for that I am very grateful. I would certainly recommend this training to everyone that’s looking for more stillness and a well-founded training. Marieke managed to create an atmosphere of trust and gave me the last nudge towards starting my own studio.”
Sofia, Yinsana Coaching


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